Application of multimedia models for screening assessment of long-range transport potential and overall persistence

Autor(en): Klasmeier, J 
Matthies, M
Macleod, M
Fenner, K
Scheringer, M
Stroebe, M
Le Gall, AC
Mckone, T
Van De Meent, D
Wania, F
Stichwörter: Engineering; Engineering, Environmental; Environmental Sciences; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; FATE; ORGANIC-CHEMICALS; REMOTE STATE; SPATIAL RANGE
Erscheinungsdatum: 2006
Volumen: 40
Ausgabe: 1
Startseite: 53
Seitenende: 60
We propose a multimedia model-based methodology to evaluate whether a chemical substance qualifies as POP-like based on overall persistence (Pot,) and potential for long-range transport (LRTP). It relies upon screening chemicals against the Pov and LRTP characteristics of selected reference chemicals with well-established environmental fates. Results indicate that chemicals of high and low concern in terms of persistence and long-range transport can be consistently identified by eight contemporary multimedia models using the proposed methodology. Model results for three hypothetical chemicals illustrate that the model-based classification of chemicals according to P,), and LRTP is not always consistent with the single-media half-life approach proposed by the UNEP Stockholm Convention and that the models provide additional insight into the likely long-term hazards associated with chemicals in the environment. We suggest this model-based classification method be adopted as a complement to screening against defined half-life criteria at the initial stages of tiered assessments designed to identify POP-like chemicals and to prioritize further environmental fate studies for new and existing chemicals.
ISSN: 0013936X
DOI: 10.1021/es0512024

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