Treatment Diagnoses in University Outpatient Clinics for Psychotherapy in Germany - Results of a Feasibility Study

Autor(en): Velten, Julia
Braescher, Anne-Kathrin
Fehm, Lydia
Fladung, Anne-Katharina
Fydrich, Thomas
Heider, Jens
Hentschel, Sophie
Limberg-Thiesen, Anke
Lutz, Wolfgang
Margraf, Juergen
Schoettke, Henning
Witthoeft, Michael
Hoyer, Juergen
Stichwörter: assessment of mental disorders; BECK DEPRESSION INVENTORY; COORDINATING RESEARCH; DISORDERS; health-care research; outpatient clinics for psychological therapy; PROJECT; Psychology; Psychology, Clinical; psychotherapy research; QUALITY; RELIABILITY; VALIDITY
Erscheinungsdatum: 2018
Band: 47
Ausgabe: 3
Startseite: 175
Seitenende: 185
Background: In 2013, an initiative was launched to aggregate data from university outpatient clinics for psychological psychotherapy in order to create a Germany-wide research data platform. KODAP, short for the coordination of data collection and evaluation at research and training outpatient clinics for psychotherapy, is responsible for the coordination of this complex project. Method: The present study describes the technical and organizational feasibility of such a research cooperation regarding the transfer and consolidation of data. In addition, the patient population treated in the university outpatient clinics for psychotherapy in 2016 is described and initial comparative data on the frequency of ICD-10-based diagnoses in this care segment are generated. Results: In total, 16 outpatient clinics provided data from 4,504 patients (M-age = 37.87; SD = 13.47; range = 15-86; 65.3% female) who were treated in 2016. Despite the different systems and formats in which patient and therapy-related research data are managed, the transfer and aggregation of the data sets proved feasible. Affective disorders (F3) and neurotic, stress, and somatoform disorders (F4) accounted for most of the diagnoses. More than half of the patients were diagnosed with more than one mental disorder (M = 1.84; SD = 0.99; range = 0-7). Conclusion: This study shows that preparation, consolidation, and evaluation of research data across university outpatient clinics are possible. The KODAP project meets the demand for a stronger orientation of psychology toward cumulative and cooperative research projects.
ISSN: 16163443
DOI: 10.1026/1616-3443/a000490

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