Towards a framework for the generic specification of model-driven decision support systems: Classification criteria of model relationships

Autor(en): Schultewolter, C.
Stichwörter: Basic elements; Conceptual modeling; Conceptual modeling languages; Error rate; Essential problems; Generic models; Generic specifications; Model relationships; Model-driven; Support tool, Artificial intelligence; Decision making; Decision theory; Specifications, Decision support systems
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Journal: Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
This paper is part of a research project which aims at developing a generic model specification on a conceptual layer in order to reduce the empirically observed high error rate of model-driven Decision Support Systems (DSS), typically based on multidimensional, spreadsheet-oriented models. Following the framework of Wand and Weber for conceptual modeling, this paper firstly presents basic elements of an appropriate conceptual modeling grammar, consisting of three criteria to classify all essential problem-structures of typical DSS-domains into eight classes being illustrated by representative managerial examples. Based on this framework, future research aims at developing both a generic, conceptual modeling language, and support tools to design and evaluate model-driven DSS. © 2010 IEEE.
Conference of 43rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS-43 ; Conference Date: 5 January 2010 Through 8 January 2010; Conference Code:80065
ISBN: 9780769538693
ISSN: 15301605
DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.2010.403
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