Role of rab7/ypt7 in organizing membrane trafficking at the late endosome

Autor(en): Nordmann, M.
Ungermann, C. 
Cabrera, M.
Stichwörter: Ccz1; HOPS; Mon1; Rab7; Ypt7
Erscheinungsdatum: 2012
Herausgeber: Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.
Journal: Rab GTPases and Membrane Trafficking
Startseite: 132
Seitenende: 143
Late endosomal biogenesis depends on the Rab7 GTPase and its interaction with effectors. Within this review, we will focus on the Rab7 activation and inactivation cycle, and identify the critical regulators and interaction partners. We will highlight the role of Rab7 in membrane tethering between late endosome and lysosome, and its function in nutrient sensing, which is coupled to the establishment of membrane contact zones and late endosomal distribution within the cell. © 2012 Bentham Science Publishers. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 9781608053919
DOI: 10.2174/978160805365011201010132
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