Memory-induced variants: Textual Change in Heroic Epics: The 'Nibelungenlied'-Manuscripts B and C and the 'Wiener' and 'Heidelberger Virginal' [Memoriell bedingte Varianz: Zur Fassungsvarianz in der Heldendichtung anhand der 'Nibelungenlied'-Handschriften B und C sowie der 'Wiener' und 'Heidelberger Virginal']

Autor(en): Haferland, H. 
Stichwörter: Memory text; Memory variants; Misattribution of speech; Mishearings of words (mondegreens); Misrememberings of phrases and stanzas
Erscheinungsdatum: 2019
Herausgeber: Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH
Journal: Zeitschrift fur Deutsches Altertum und Deutsche Literatur
Volumen: 148
Ausgabe: 4
Startseite: 453
Seitenende: 508
Textual criticism has not arrived at a thorough understanding of textual variants in the manuscript transmission of the 'Nibelungenlied'. A considerable number of variants has remained without explanation. The paper therefore suggests and develops a fundamentally different scenario of their emergence, i. e. as a result of reproducing the text from memory. Certain types of variants indicate this process: mishearings of words (mondegreens), misrememberings of phrases and stanzas, misattribution of speech, displacement of textual segments. Since medieval heroic epics are designed for recitation from memory, the 'Virginal' is used for comparison. The conclusion is that the C-version of the 'Nibelungenlied' is also a text reproduced from memory. © S. Hirzel Verlag, Stuttgart 2019
ISSN: 00442518
DOI: 10.3813/zfda-2019-0017
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