Design and demonstration of an engineering method for service support systems

Autor(en): Metzger, Dirk
Niemoeller, Christina
Thomas, Oliver 
Stichwörter: Agile software engineering; Business; Business & Economics; CHALLENGES; FIELD; Information needs; KNOWLEDGE; Knowledge needs; Management; OF-THE-ART; PRODUCT; Product-service systems engineering; SCIENCE RESEARCH; Service support systems; TECHNOLOGY
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Volumen: 15
Ausgabe: 4, SI
Startseite: 789
Seitenende: 823
An integrated and simultaneous design that considers products, services, and information systems is essential due to the mutual influences among each of the three components. This is particularly important in technical customer services (TCS), as the engineering process combines complex high-tech products with diverse types of services. However, to-date no explicit guidance on the integration of information systems into the product service systems engineering process exists. Thus, we propose a method to design service support systems simultaneously. For designing the method, a design science research approach was applied. We demonstrated the applicability of our method by designing and implementing a two-tier service system in a real-world scenario in the domain of TCS: A Virtual Reality-based Training System for training purposes along with a Smart Glasses-based Support System that guides the service technician at the point of service. By proposing and demonstrating our method, we enhance the body of knowledge in service systems engineering and design of IS. The practical contribution is given in additional guidance for designers of new products, services, and IS to master complexity and foster information support of technicians.
ISSN: 16179846
DOI: 10.1007/s10257-016-0331-x

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