Integrating cloud computing in supply chain processes A comprehensive literature review

Autor(en): Jede, Andreas
Teuteberg, Frank 
Stichwörter: ADOPTION; ANTECEDENTS; Business & Economics; Cloud computing; Computer Science; Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Content analysis; FIRM; FLEXIBILITY; IMPACT; Information Science & Library Science; INFORMATION-SYSTEMS; Management; ORGANIZATION; SECURITY; SERVICE; Supply chain management; Systematic literature review
Erscheinungsdatum: 2015
Volumen: 28
Ausgabe: 6
Startseite: 872
Seitenende: 904
Purpose - There are cloud computing (CC) services available for various applications within supply chain management (SCM) processes and related enterprise information systems (ISs). These services offer, for example, consistent global networking platforms and shared real-time information. Furthermore, they enable quick decision making and ensure efficiency, which may strengthen competitive advantages as to digital processes within the supply chain (SC). However, research lacks a paper that systematically analyzes the interrelation between CC and SCM in detail and aims to become a reference point in the intersection of both research fields. Moreover, the purpose of this paper is to gain a deep understanding of the current state of research and to identify future research challenges. Design/methodology/approach - This paper provides a cross-discipline systematic literature review from the research perspectives of ISs and SCM. In total, 99 papers have been investigated by combining qualitative and quantitative content analysis. As a side effect the authors developed a new methodological framework for conducting comprehensive literature reviews that could be applied by future research. Finding - The authors discover the most important influence factors for CC implementations in SC processes and pay special attention to major issues, research methods, applied theoretical concepts, and geographical differences. Until now, SCM research in the realm of CC usage is still in its infancy both in theory and practice. Research limitations/implications - Possibly not all of the relevant papers have been filtered during the paper selection phase. The findings of the literature review and the conceptual framework identifying different areas of concern are believed to be useful for future research to obtain an overview of the evolution of CC in SC processes. Originality/value - To the best of the knowledge, there is no systematic literature review that consistently focusses CC usage within SC processes while integrating strategic aspects. Additionally, the authors constructed and applied a unique keyword analysis.
ISSN: 17410398
DOI: 10.1108/JEIM-08-2014-0085

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