New and newly assigned species of the genus Dentatisyllis (Polychaeta, Syllidae, Syllinae), with comments on the reproduction, together with a key and a synoptic table of all species of the genus

Autor(en): Ding, ZH
Licher, F
Westheide, W
Stichwörter: Dentatisyllis; Ecology; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Hong Kong; Langerhansia; Marine & Freshwater Biology; meiofauna; Polychaeta; South China Sea; Syllidae; Syllinae; Syllis; Typosyllis; viviparity
Erscheinungsdatum: 1998
Herausgeber: UNIV BERGEN
Journal: SARSIA
Volumen: 83
Ausgabe: 1
Startseite: 29
Seitenende: 43
Three new Dentatisyllis species, D. hongkongensis sp. nov. and D. mortoni sp. nov., each from sandy tidal beaches of Hong Kong, and D. uebelackerae sp. nov. from Florida are described. D. hongkongensis sp, nov, is distinguished from other species of the genus in having antennae, peristomial and dorsal cirri composed of numerous articles, falcigerous blades of compound chaetae with enlarged secondary tooth; and lacking spines subdistally. D. mortoni sp. nov. has the unique combination of compound dorsalmost pseudospinigers, simple bifid chaetae, and antennae, peristomial and dorsal cirri possessing few articles; details of the viviparous reproduction of this species are given. D. uebelackerae sp. nov. is the Dentatisyllis sp. A of UEBELACKER (1984); it differs from all other species of the genus in the high number of proventricular muscle cell rings. Syllis inflata MARENZELLER, 1879 and Typosyllis (Langerhansia) kiaorensis HARTMANN-SCHRODER, 1992 are assigned to the genus Dentatisyllis. A key to all species of Dentatisyllis is included, together with a table of their characters.
ISSN: 00364827
DOI: 10.1080/00364827.1998.10413667

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