Consecutive teacher training? Yes, but with determination!

Autor(en): Kunzel, R
Stichwörter: Education & Educational Research
Erscheinungsdatum: 2001
Volumen: 47
Ausgabe: 4
Startseite: 539
Seitenende: 548
The author advocates changes in the present-day education of teachers which might help overcome the disadvantages of a parallel study of numerous disparate contents by switching from a simultaneity of the special disciplines with their respective didactics, of educational science, and of other ``basic sciences'' as well as the so-called interdisciplinary parts of teacher studies and the diverse components of practical training to a succession of a fundamental training in the special disciplines followed by professional teacher training. According to this proposal of a consecutive teacher education, students are to complete their studies in specific disciplines within the framework of a Bachelor-program of three to three and a half years length without any explicit references to the teaching profession; this program is to be followed by several ``professional Masterprograms'' preparing for the teaching profession in different types of schools as well as in adult education.
ISSN: 00443247

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