A branch & bound method for the general-shop problem with sequence dependent setup-times

Autor(en): Brucker, P
Thiele, O
Stichwörter: ALGORITHM; block approach; branch & bound method; disjunctive graph model; general-shop problem; immediate selection; job-shop; open-shop; Operations Research & Management Science; sequence dependent setup-times
Erscheinungsdatum: 1996
Volumen: 18
Ausgabe: 3
Startseite: 145
Seitenende: 161
A branch & bound algorithm is presented for a very general scheduling problem with n jobs and m machines. Each job consists of a set of operations. Each operation has to be processed on a dedicated machine. There may be arbitrary precedence relations between the operations. The set of all operations is partitioned into groups. If on a machine an operation belonging to group G(g) is processed immediately after an operation belonging to group G(f) there is a setup of s(fg) time units. We assume that s(fg)=0 if f=g and that the s(fg) satisfy the triangle inequality. Computational results for this general problem as well as for special cases like the job-shop problem and the open-shop problem are reported.
ISSN: 01716468

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