The Myth of Embodied Metaphor

Autor(en): Kompa, Nikola 
Stichwörter: abstract terms; BRAIN; COMPREHENSION; Conceptual theory of metaphor; embodied metaphor; LANGUAGE; MOTOR SYSTEM; NEURAL THEORY; Philosophy; REPRESENTATION; SIMULATION; WORDS
Erscheinungsdatum: 2017
Herausgeber: KRUZAK D O O
Volumen: 17
Ausgabe: 50
Startseite: 195
Seitenende: 210
According to a traditionally influential idea metaphors have mostly ornamental value. Current research, on the other hand, stresses the cognitive purposes metaphors serve. According to the Conceptual Theory of Metaphor (CTM, for short), e.g., expressions are commonly used metaphorically in order to conceptualize abstract and mental phenomena. More specifically, proponents of CTM claim that abstract terms are understood by means of metaphors and that metaphor comprehension, in turn, is embodied. In this paper, I will argue that CTM fails on, both counts.
ISSN: 13331108

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