A Markov chain description of a workstation with infinite capacity

Autor(en): Stadje, W 
Stichwörter: busy period; discrete time; first-entrance problem; infinite capacity; Markov chain; Mathematics; Mathematics, Applied; maximum occupation; Operations Research & Management Science; QUEUES; stationary distribution; workstation
Erscheinungsdatum: 2003
Volumen: 52
Ausgabe: 2
Startseite: 201
Seitenende: 210
We present a discrete-time model for a workstation with infinite operating capacity at which one job arrives at every time instant and starts being processed. The jobs stay in the system for a possibly truncated geometrically distributed time period. We introduce and analyze a Markov chain which gives at any time a complete description of the state of the work on all jobs. Its positively recurrent states are the dyadic numbers in (0, 1]; we give its stationary distribution explicitly. For the busy period analysis of the workstation we study first-entrance problems of this Markov chain.
ISSN: 02331934
DOI: 10.1080/0233193031000079847

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