Political Leadership as Participation Process by a Supranational Actor - The European Commission's Leadership Features Demonstrated by Conceptualizing Lifelong Learning on European Level

Autor(en): Klein, Ina
Stichwörter: discourse; European Commission; Government & Law; lifelong learning; political leadership; Political Science
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Volumen: 39
Ausgabe: 3
Startseite: 337+
This paper aims to extend the leadership-discussion by setting the focus on the European Commission as a supra-national actor and taking into consideration the complexity of the European system. The EU is a multilevel governance system with a variety of actors on different political and social levels who all participate in the political processes. By considering political leadership as a participatory process it is possible to better understand the mechanisms, contexts and processes which help identify the way in which the European Commission exercises leadership. In a first step it is both described and analysed in how far the European Commission contributes in a distinctive manner to a discourse about lifelong learning. Further-more the paper examines the mechanisms, contexts and processes whereby the European Commission is able to assume competence over an issue through strategic and conceptual influence as well as knowledge-management. It does so in a participatory process about the topic in question.
ISSN: 16155548

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