Effect of Using Individually Simulated HRTFs on the Outcome of Tournament Selection Procedures in a Virtual Environment

Autor(en): Oehler, M. 
Voong, M.
Regener, M.
da Costa, M.D.V.M.
Herausgeber: Michon, R.
Pottier, L.
Orlarey, Y.
Stichwörter: Transfer functions, 'current; Exploratory studies; Head related transfer function; Localisation; Perception-based; Performance; Selection procedures; Technical efforts; Tournament selection; Virtual acoustics, Virtual reality
Erscheinungsdatum: 2022
Herausgeber: Sound and Music Computing Network
Journal: Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conferences
Startseite: 186
Seitenende: 193
Individualized head related transfer functions (HRTF) play an increasingly important role in the field of virtual acoustics, especially for the perceived immersion in virtual environments. A central question in this context is often how exactly the individual fit is realized best. In the current exploratory study, a perception based tournament task is combined with numerically simulated HRTFs. HRTF selection performed in this way is relatively time-saving and does not require much technical effort. The two main objectives are to analyze the impact of numerically simulated individual HRTFs on the outcome of a tournament task and to investigate whether this correlates with the performance in a localization task in which the participants have to spatially localize sounds using the different HRTFs from the tournament task. The study is divided into 3 consecutive parts. First, the participants' individual HRTFs are simulated based on a 3D scan, then each participant takes part in the tournament task to identify the best fitting HRTF, and then the best (and worst) fitting HRTFs are validated in a localization task along with the simulated HRTF. The results of the tournament task show that the numerically simulated individual HRTFs had little effect on the outcome. In the localization task, however, the simulated HRTFs produced the best results, on average. Copyright: © 2022 Silvin Willemsen et al.
Conference of 19th Sound and Music Computing Conference, SMC 2022 ; Conference Date: 5 June 2022 Through 12 June 2022; Conference Code:182303
ISBN: 9782958412609
ISSN: 2518-3672
Externe URL: https://www.scopus.com/inward/record.uri?eid=2-s2.0-85137712189&partnerID=40&md5=900e464c18f4546e107f9f52ce3bb2fe

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