Iodine supply to pregnant and breastfeeding women Significance of advice, level of education and regional differences

Autor(en): Roehl, Silke
Schuecking, Beate A.
Stichwörter: antenatal care; breastfeeding; CHILDREN; HEALTH; iodine; iodine supplementation; Nutrition & Dietetics; pregnancy; prevention
Erscheinungsdatum: 2011
Volumen: 58
Ausgabe: 11
Startseite: 596+
As pregnant and breastfeeding women need increased supplies of iodine, they are at risk of iodine deficiency. Adequate iodine supplementation can be of great help in meeting these needs and provides primary prevention of diseases in mother and child. This is why national and international professional societies recommend the intake of iodine-containing supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. A multicentre study has been performed on the prevention of iodine deficiency, including 1 128 women in various regions in Germany who had recently born. It was found that the essential factors influencing the iodine status were the direct recommendation of iodine supplementation and a high level of education. It was shown for the first time that iodine supply was greater in South Germany than in North Germany. Moreover, advice on iodine intake was provided more frequently in South Germany, and pregnant and breastfeeding women more often took iodine preparations. These results are discussed in the context of current studies.
ISSN: 01740008
DOI: 10.4455/eu.2011.001

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