New combinations and new names in vascular plants of Asian Russia; [Чепинога В.В., Серегин А.П., Баркалов В.Ю., Эбель А.Л., Ефимов П.Г., Фризен Н.В., Гончаров А.А., Кечайкин А.А., Князев М.С., Коробков А.А., Королюк Е.А., Косачев П.А., Луферов А.Н., Мельников Д.Г., Никифорова О.Д., Овчинникова С.В., Шеховцова И.Н., Трошкина В.И. Новые комбинации и названия сосудистых растений Азиатской России.]

Autor(en): Chepinoga, Victor V.
Seregin, Alexey P.
Barkalov, Vyacheslav Yu.
Ebel, Alexander L.
Efimov, Petr G.
Friesen, Nikolai V.
Gontcharov, Andrey A.
Kechaykin, Alexey A.
Knyazev, Mikhail S.
Korobkov, Alexander A.
Korolyuk, Elena A.
Kosachev, Petr A.
Luferov, Alexander N.
Melnikov, Denis G.
Nikiforova, Olga D.
Ovzinnikova, Svetlana V.
Schekhovstsova, Irina N.
Troshkina, Victoria I.
Stichwörter: Asian Russia; botanical nomenclature; nomenclatural combinations; Sibirotrisetokoeleria; vascular plants
Erscheinungsdatum: 2023
Herausgeber: BGI FEB RAS
Enthalten in: Botanica Pacifica
Band: 12
Ausgabe: 2
Startseite: 120 – 133
In this paper, we present nomenclatural novelties required in the course of the preparation of the second, revised version of the checklist of vascular plants of Asian Russia. The first version was published in 2012 (Baikov 2012). At the family level, we accepted the modern classification systems (APG IV for flowering plants, PPG I for lycophytes and ferns, and GPG for gymnosperms). At the genus level, we follow the generic concepts applied for particular taxonomic groups according to the Catalogue of Life (COL;, version COL23.5. At the species level, we consistently apply the monotypic species concept (also known in Russia as Komarov's concept). In total, this paper presents one new nothogenus name (× Sibirotrisetokoeleria Chepinoga nom. nov., Poaceae) and 156 new names in the rank of species, in 28 families: Amaranthaceae Juss. (1 name), Amaryllidaceae J.St.-Hil. (1), Apiaceae Lindl. (2), Asteraceae Bercht. & J.Presl (12), Boraginaceae Juss. (4), Caryophyllaceae Juss. (11), Crassulaceae J.St.-Hill. (3), Cyperaceae Juss. (8), Ericaceae Juss. (2), Fabaceae Lindl. (16), Gentianaceae Juss. (1), Geraniaceae Juss. (1), Juncaceae Juss. (1), Lamiaceae Martinov (1), Menyanthaceae Dumort. (1), Orchidaceae Juss. (1), Orobanchaceae Vent. (1), Papaveraceae Juss. (4), Plantaginaceae Juss. (1), Poaceae Barnhart (49), Polygonaceae Juss. (4), Primulaceae Batsch. ex Borkh. (6), Ranunculaceae Juss. (4), Rosaceae Juss. (5), Salicaceae Mirb. (2), Saxifragaceae Juss. (11), Vitaceae Juss. (1), Zygophyllaceae R.Br. (2 names). © The Author(s). 2023 Open Access (CC) BY-NC license:
Cited by: 0; All Open Access, Gold Open Access
ISSN: 2226-4701
DOI: 10.17581/bp.2023.12s06
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