Transfer of the South African genera Brachycarpaea, Cycloptychis, Schlechteria, Silicularia, and Thlaspeocarpa to Heliophila (Brassicaceae)

Autor(en): Al-Shehbaz, IA
Mummenhoff, K 
Stichwörter: Brachycarpaea; Brassieaceae; Cycloptychis; FAMILY BRASSICACEAE; Heliophila; Namibia; Plant Sciences; Schlechteria; Silicularia; South Africa; Thlaspeocarpa
Erscheinungsdatum: 2005
Journal: NOVON
Volumen: 15
Ausgabe: 3
Startseite: 385
Seitenende: 389
The genera Brachycarpaea, Cycloptychis, Schlechteria, Silicularia, an Thlaspeocarpa are united with Heliophila (Brassicaceae). Except for Brachycarpaea, the genera are treated as new synonyms of Heliophila. The characters previously used to distinguish these genera are critically evaluated. The retention of Brachycarpaea and Silicularia in Heliophila would not necessitate any no-menclatural novelties, but the transfer of species of the remaining three genera to Heliophila requires a new combination and four new names. The new combination H. namaquensis and the new names H. monosperma, H. maraisiana, H. hurkana, and H. suborbicularis are proposed.
ISSN: 10553177

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