Emergent colloidal currents across ordered and disordered landscapes

Autor(en): Lips, Dominik
Stoop, Ralph L.
Maass, Philipp 
Tierno, Pietro
Stichwörter: BARRIERS; DIFFUSION; DRIVEN; FRICTION; MATTER; MOTION; PARTICLES; Physics; Physics, Multidisciplinary
Erscheinungsdatum: 2021
Volumen: 4
Ausgabe: 1
Many-particle effects in driven systems far from equilibrium lead to a rich variety of emergent phenomena. Their classification and understanding often require suitable model systems. Here we show that microscopic magnetic particles driven along ordered and defective lattices by a traveling wave potential display a nonlinear current-density relationship, which arises from the interplay of two effects. The first one originates from particle sizes nearly commensurate with the substrate in combination with attractive pair interactions. It governs the colloidal current at small densities and leads to a superlinear increase. We explain such effect by an exactly solvable model of constrained cluster dynamics. The second effect is interpreted to result from a defect-induced breakup of coherent cluster motion, leading to jamming at higher densities. Finally, we demonstrate that a lattice gas model with parallel update is able to capture the experimental findings for this complex many-body system. Emergent phenomena in complex many-body systems driven far from equilibrium are currently a subject of intense study. Here, the authors report on a nonlinear current-density relationship in experiments of magnetic colloids driven above disordered energy landscapes, and explain the underlying mechanisms through analytical modeling.
ISSN: 23993650
DOI: 10.1038/s42005-021-00722-0

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