Concepts of participation in geographical development research: The attempt of an assessment

Autor(en): Kruger, F
Lohnert, B
Stichwörter: Geography; RURAL APPRAISAL
Erscheinungsdatum: 1996
Volumen: 84
Ausgabe: 1
Startseite: 43
Seitenende: 53
In development theory and practice concepts of participation have been discussed and implemented for many years now. Notions of participation are so ambiguous, however, that a clear definition is urgently needed. Moreover, it needs to be clarified which role participation plays in geographical development research. This article tries to identify the various notions of participatory approaches and thereby attempts to create a basis for a better understanding of participation from a geographical point of view. It becomes quite clear that participation must be understood both as an instrument and as a normative notion. It remains unresolved, however, how participation can effectively be used as a means of improving living conditions in the Third World. It is in this field where geography has the chance, the competence, but also the duty to assist in the efficient implementation of participatory conceptions by conducting pure research on the regional and local level. Before doing so, however, a profound analysis of theoretical approaches outlining the necessity of participation is urgently needed.
ISSN: 00167479

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