Internal atomic structure of terbium silicide nanowires on Si(001) capped by silicon

Autor(en): Heggemann, J.
Appelfeller, S.
Niermann, T.
Lehmann, M.
Daehne, M.
Stichwörter: Atomic structure; Chemistry; Chemistry, Physical; Embedded nanostructures; GROWTH; High resolution transmission electron microscopy; Physics; Physics, Condensed Matter; Rare earth silicide nanowires; Scanning tunneling microscopy; SCANNING-TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY; VICINAL SI(001)
Erscheinungsdatum: 2020
Herausgeber: ELSEVIER
Volumen: 696
In a combined scanning tunneling microscopy and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study, the internal atomic structure of terbium silicide nanowires on Si(001) capped with silicon is determined. Room temperature capping by amorphous silicon preserves the original nanowire structure, and the nanowires with a usual height of two silicide layers are found to consist of hexagonal TbSi2 with the c-axis in nanowire direction, in contrast to previous assumptions. At larger heights, the nanowires are formed from tetragonal TbSi2. Capping at elevated temperatures results in a shape transition towards higher and more compact nanowires consisting of hexagonal or tetragonal TbSi2 and a crystalline silicon overlayer that shows stacking faults and twin boundaries starting at the nanowires.
ISSN: 00396028
DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2020.121563

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