Fast screening of turkish olive oil by NMR spectroscopy for geographical determination and discrimination purposes

Autor(en): Ok, S.
Stichwörter: CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS; Chemistry; Chemistry, Applied; DOSY; Food Science & Technology; Geographical origin; H-1 DOSY NMR; H-1 NMR quantitative analysis; NUCLEAR-MAGNETIC-RESONANCE; Olive oil; PROFILE; Sub-fraction determination; VARIETIES
Erscheinungsdatum: 2014
Volumen: 65
Ausgabe: 2
The main goal of this study is to rapidly screen olive oil contents by acquiring one dimensional (1D) H-1 NMR spectra of 38 samples from Turkey, The Middle East, and Libya. The quantitative analysis of the H-1 NMR helped in distinguishing the geographical origin of the olive oil samples. The intensity of H-1 NMR variables was submitted to the statistical method, analysis of variance (ANOVA). As a result of combining the NMR data and ANOVA, olive oils were discriminated based on regional origin rather than province. This less time consuming discriminative screening by H-1 NMR does not require any further analysis of the olive oil, including oxidative stability measurements or gas chromatography. The possibility of determining authenticity, even in an olive growing area of a small village was also shown. The two-dimensional (2D) non-invasive H-1 DOSY NMR experiment, known as ``NMR chromatography'', was used to determine the olive oil sub-fraction.
ISSN: 00173495
DOI: 10.3989/gya.122413

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