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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021As if irony was in stockLehmann, Claudia; Bergs, Alexander 
2018Because science! Notes on a variable conjunctionBergs, A. 
2021Categories, constructions, and change in English syntaxBergs, Alexander 
2020Complements and adjunctsBergs, Alexander 
2009Contexts and constructionsBergs, Alexander ; Diewald, Gabriele
2021Creativity within and outside the linguistic systemBergs, A. ; Kompa, N.A.
2017Diachronic approachesBergs, A. 
2016Diachronic Construction GrammarBergs, Alexander 
2016Do semantic modal maps have a role in a constructionalization approach to modals? Response to TraugottBergs, Alexander 
2022Editorial 2022Bergs, Alexander ; Good, Jeff; Zellou, Georgia
2022Editorial noteBergs, Alexander ; Cohn, Abby; Good, Jeff
2012English historical linguisticsBergs, A. ; Brinton, L.J.
2010Expressions of futurity in contemporary English: a Construction Grammar perspectiveBergs, Alexander 
2007Grammatical constructions. Back to the rootsBergs, Alexander 
2010I was just reading this article – On the expression of recentness and the English past progressivePfaff, M.; Bergs, A. ; Hoffmann, T. 
2013Kognitive PoetikSchneck, Peter; Bergs, Alexander 
2021Language change across a lifetime: A historical micro-perspectiveBergs, Alexander 
2018Learn the Rules like a Pro, so you can Break them like an Artist (Picasso): Linguistic Aberrancy from a Constructional PerspectiveBergs, Alexander 
2021Learning formulaic creativity: Chunking in verbal art and speech-a response to Cristóbal Pagán CánovasBergs, A. 
2015Linguistic fingerprints of authors and scribesBergs, A.