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Bergs, Alexander
Bergs, A
Bergs, Alexander
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12007Grammatical constructions. Back to the rootsBergs, Alexander 
22009Contexts and constructionsBergs, Alexander ; Diewald, Gabriele
32009Nineteenth-Century English: Stability and Change.Bergs, Alexander 
42010Expressions of futurity in contemporary English: a Construction Grammar perspectiveBergs, Alexander 
52010I was just reading this article – On the expression of recentness and the English past progressivePfaff, M.; Bergs, A. ; Hoffmann, T. 
62012The Uniformitarian Principle and the Risk of Anachronisms in Language and Social HistoryBergs, A. 
72012English historical linguisticsBergs, A. ; Brinton, L.J.
82013UntitledBergs, Alexander 
92013Kognitive PoetikSchneck, Peter; Bergs, Alexander 
102015Linguistic fingerprints of authors and scribesBergs, A. 
112016Diachronic Construction GrammarBergs, Alexander 
122016Do semantic modal maps have a role in a constructionalization approach to modals? Response to TraugottBergs, Alexander 
132016Understanding Language ChangeBurridge, Kate; Bergs, Alexander 
142017Russi, Cinzia: Current Trends in Historical SociolinguisticsBergs, Alexander 
152017The myth of the complete sentence - a response to TraugottBergs, Alexander 
162017Special issue on cognitive approaches to the history of English: introductionBergs, Alexander ; Hoffmann, Thomas 
172017Diachronic approachesBergs, A. 
182017Under pressure norms, rules, and coercion in linguistic analyses and literary readingsBergs, A. 
192018Learn the Rules like a Pro, so you can Break them like an Artist (Picasso): Linguistic Aberrancy from a Constructional PerspectiveBergs, Alexander 
202018Because science! Notes on a variable conjunctionBergs, A.