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2012FRET reveals lactacystin-induced increase of Tom20/TOM assemblyRieger, Bettina ; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Busch, Karin 
2023Molecular changes in hippocampal energy metabolism in mice selectively bred for extremes in stress reactivity: Relevance of mitochondrial dysfunction for affective disordersRappeneau, Virginie; Koti, Prasanna; Wilmes, Lars; Widner-Andrae, Regina; Busch, Karin ; Touma, Chadi 
2010Respiratory Chain Complexes in Dynamic Mitochondria Display a Patchy Distribution in Life CellsMuster, Britta; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Wittig, Ilka; Strecker, Valentina; Joos, Friederike; Haase, Winfried; Bereiter-Hahn, Juergen; Busch, Karin 
2013Restricted diffusion of OXPHOS complexes in dynamic mitochondria delays their exchange between cristae and engenders a transitory mosaic distributionWilkens, Verena; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Busch, Karin 
2011Selective Targeting of Fluorescent Nanoparticles to Proteins Inside Live CellsLisse, Domenik; Wilkens, Verena; You, Changjiang ; Busch, Karin ; Piehler, Jacob 
2017Single molecule tracking and localization of mitochondrial protein complexes in live cellsAppelhans, T.; Busch, K. 
2017Tracking and localization microscopy of single mitochondrial proteins in living cellsAppelhans, T.; Wilkens, V.; Rieger, B. ; Perkins, G.; Busch, K.