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2015A diamond (100) surface with perfect phase purityDyachenko, Oleksiy ; Diek, Nadine ; Shapiro, Yevgeniy ; Tamang, Rajesh ; Harneit, Wolfgang ; Reichling, Michael ; Borodin, Andriy 
2012Dimer/tetramer motifs determine amphiphilic hydrazine fibril structures on graphiteThomas, Loji K.; Diek, Nadine ; Beginn, Uwe ; Reichling, Michael 
2019Guanosine Nucleolipids: Synthesis, Characterization, Aggregation and X-Ray Crystallographic Identification of Electricity-Conducting G-RibbonsReuter, Hans ; van Bodegraven, Anna Maria; Bender, Eugenia; Knies, Christine; Diek, Nadine ; Beginn, Uwe ; Hammerbacher, Katharina; Schneider, Vanessa; Kinscherf, Ralf; Bonaterra, Gabriel A.; Svajda, Rainer; Rosemeyer, Helmut 
2019Resolving the structure of organic nano strands self-assembled at a graphite-liquid interface using STMThomas, Loji K.; Diek, Nadine ; Beginn, Uwe ; Reichling, Michael