Reichling, Michael

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Reichling, Michael
Reichling, M
Reichling, Michael
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12004Carbon tips as sensitive detectors for nanoscale surface and sub-surface chargeArai, T; Gritschneder, S; Troger, L; Reichling, M 
22005Measuring site-specific cluster-surface bond formationHoffmann, R; Barth, C; Foster, AS; Shluger, AL; Hug, HJ; Guntherodt, HJ; Nieminen, RM; Reichling, M 
32005Structural features of CeO2(111) revealed by dynamic SFMGritschneder, S; Namai, Y; Iwasawa, Y; Reichling, M 
42005Nanoscale structures on ultra-precision machined fluorite surfacesGritschneder, S; Namba, Y; Reichling, M 
52005Investigating atomic details of the CaF2 (111) surface with a qPlus sensorGiessibl, FJ; Reichling, M 
62006Chemical identification of point defects and adsorbates on a metal oxide surface by atomic force microscopyLauritsen, Jeppe V.; Foster, Adam S.; Olesen, Georg H.; Christensen, Mona C.; Kuehnle, Angelika; Helveg, Stig; Rostrup-Nielsen, Jens R.; Clausen, Bjerne S.; Reichling, Michael ; Besenbacher, Flemming
72006Lateral manipulation of atomic size defects on the CaF2(111) surfaceHirth, S; Ostendorf, F; Reichling, M 
82007Self-assembled sub-surface oxygen vacancy arrays on reduced CeO 2 (111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael ; Morita, Seizo; Custance, Oscar
92007Nanotemplate with holes: Ultrathin alumina on Ni3Al(111)Schmid, M.; Kresse, G.; Buchsbaum, A.; Napetschnig, E.; Gritschneder, S.; Reichling, M. ; Varga, P.
102007Characterisation of oxygen defects in calciumdifluorideSils, Janis; Radzhabov, Evgeny; Reichling, Michael 
112007Structural elements of CeO2(111) surfacesGritschneder, S.; Reichling, M. 
122007Disorder or complexity? Understanding a nanoscale template structure on aluminaGritschneder, Sebastian; Becker, Conrad; Wandelt, Klaus; Reichling, Michael 
132007Strong adhesion of water to CeO2(111)Gritschneder, S.; Iwasawa, Y.; Reichling, M. 
142007Atomic structure of a stripe phase on Al2O3/Ni3Al(111) revealed by scanning force microscopyGritschneder, Sebastian; Degen, Stefan; Becker, Conrad; Wandelt, Klaus; Reichling, Michael 
152007Evidence of subsurface oxygen vacancy ordering on reduced CeO2(111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael ; Ishiyama, Atsushi; Morita, Seizo; Custance, Oscar
162007Direct real-space imaging of the c(2x8)/(2x4) GaAs (001) surface structureKolodziej, J. J.; Goryl, M.; Konior, J.; Reichling, M. ; Szymonski, M.
172008Morphology of step structures on CeO2(111)Torbruegge, Stefan; Cranney, Marion; Reichling, Michael 
182008Detailed scanning probe microscopy tip models determined from simultaneous atom-resolved AFM and STM studies of the TiO2(110) surfaceEnevoldsen, Georg H.; Pinto, Henry P.; Foster, Adam S.; Jensen, Mona C. R.; Kuehnle, Angelika; Reichling, Michael ; Hofer, Werner A.; Lauritsen, Jeppe V.; Besenbacher, Flemming
192008Atomic resolution Imaging on CeO2(111) with hydroxylated probesGritschneder, Sebastian; Reichling, Michael 
202008Atomic scale evidence for faceting stabilization of a polar oxide surfaceOstendorf, Frank; Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael