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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201110 Jahre Qualitätssicherung im Hautarztverfahren. Clearingstelle der ABD Teil II: 2003–2009Voß, Heike; Elsner, Peter; Fartasch, Manigé; Köllner, Arno; Richter, Gerhard; Rothe, Axel; Schindera, Ingo; Schwanitz, Hans Joachim; Skudlik, Christoph ; Stary, Alois; Wehrmann, Wolfgang; Worm, Margitta; John, Swen Malte 
201110 years quality assurance of the dermatologist's procedure. ABD review board part II: 2003-2009Voss, Heike; Elsner, Peter; Fartasch, Manige; Koellner, Arno; Richter, Gerhard; Rothe, Axel; Schindera, Ingo; Schwanitz, Hans Joachim; Skudlik, Christoph ; Stary, Alois; Wehrmann, Wolfgang; Worm, Margitta; John, Swen Malte 
20181616 Title of (joint) special session ‘oed’ and ‘radiation at work’: how to tackle the increasing disease burden of occupational skin cancerJohn, Swen Malte ; Gobba, Fabriziomaria
20181618 Taking stock of new developments in the prevention of occupational and environmental dermatosesJohn, Swen Malte 
20181618a Osd prevention: why? a european and global perspectiveJohn, Swen Malte 
20181651c Solar uv exposure and skin cancer in workersJohn, Swen Malte 
20181658e Challenges in diagnosis and prevention of occupational skin diseasesJohn, Swen Malte 
2007A better life with prevention [Durch Prävention besser leben ...]John, S.M. 
2007A multi-step approach to practical prevention of occupational hand eczemaJohn, S. M. 
2020A One-Month Monitoring of Exposure to Solar UV Radiation of a Group of Construction Workers in TuscanyModenese, Alberto; Gobba, Fabriziomaria; Paolucci, Valentina; John, Swen Malte ; Sartorelli, Pietro; Wittlich, Marc
2017A systematic review of worldwide epidemiology of psoriasisMichalek, I. M.; Loring, B.; John, S. M. 
2021Acceptance of semipermeable glove liners compared to cotton glove liners in health care workers with work-related skin diseases: Results of a quasi-randomized trial under real workplace conditionsHeichel, Theres; Brans, Richard ; John, Swen Malte ; Nienhaus, Albert; Nordheider, Kathrin; Wilke, Annika; Sonsmann, Flora K.
2022Acceptance of skin products in healthcare workers: an empirical investigationSymanzik, C.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. 
2009Acetaminophen use: A risk for asthma?Allmers, Henning; Skudlik, Christoph ; John, Swen Malte 
2013Acne: Risk Indicator for Increased Body Mass Index and Insulin ResistanceMelnik, Bodo C.; John, Swen Malte ; Plewig, Gerd
2014Acute Irritancy Testing for Predicting Increased Susceptibility to Irritant Contact Dermatitis in Atopic IndividualsAngelova-Fischer, Irena; John, Swen Malte ; Kezic, Sanja
2014Adipogenic and insulin resistance-promoting effects of milk consumptionMelnik, Bodo C.; John, Swen Malte ; Schmitz, Gerd
2015Adverse Influence of Cigarette Smoking on the Severity and Prognosis of work related Hand EczemaBrans, R. ; Skudlik, C. ; Weisshaar, E.; Gediga, K.; Scheidt, R.; Elsner, P.; Wulfhorst, B.; Schoenfeld, M.; John, S. M. ; Diepgen, T. L.; ROQ Study Grp
2022Adverse skin reactions caused by masks in healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: an empirical investigation in a Lower Saxonian maximum-care hospitalSymanzik, C.; Koerbel-Peceny, C.; Luettje, D.; Engelhardt, M.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M.