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2012FRET reveals lactacystin-induced increase of Tom20/TOM assemblyRieger, Bettina ; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Busch, Karin 
2017Lifetime imaging of GFP at CoxVIIIa reports respiratory supercomplex assembly in live cellsRieger, Bettina ; Shalaeva, Daria N.; Soehnel, Anna-Carina ; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Duwe, Patrick ; Mulkidjanian, Armen Y.; Busch, Karin B.
2014Mitochondrial membrane proteins in motionBusch, Karin B.; Appelhans, Timo; Kohl, Wladislaw 
2012Mitochondrial ultrastructure and complex formation are determining factors for the mobility of OXPHOS complexes in the IMMWilkens, V.; Appelhans, T.; Kohl, W. ; Piehler, J. ; Busch, K. B.
2016Probing of protein localization and shuttling in mitochondrial microcompartments by FLIM with sub-diffraction resolutionSoehnel, Anna-Carina ; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Gregor, Ingo ; Enderlein, Joerg; Rieger, Bettina ; Busch, Karin B.
2010Respiratory Chain Complexes in Dynamic Mitochondria Display a Patchy Distribution in Life CellsMuster, Britta; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Wittig, Ilka; Strecker, Valentina; Joos, Friederike; Haase, Winfried; Bereiter-Hahn, Juergen; Busch, Karin 
2013Restricted diffusion of OXPHOS complexes in dynamic mitochondria delays their exchange between cristae and engenders a transitory mosaic distributionWilkens, Verena; Kohl, Wladislaw ; Busch, Karin