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2004Behavior towards and Ethnotheories about three-month-old babies: A comparison between Chinese and US American mothersAbels, M; Kaertner, J; Keller, H ; Lo, W; Haas, V
2006Cultural models, socialization goals, and parenting ethnotheories - A multicultural analysisKeller, H ; Lamm, B; Abels, M; Yovsi, R; Borke, J; Jensen, H; Papaligoura, Z; Holub, C; Lo, WS; Tomiyama, AJ; Su, YJ; Wang, YF; Chaudhary, N
2004Daily experiences of rural and urban gujarati (Indian) infantsAbels, M; Mohite, P; Shastri, J; Monkodi, H; Bhargava, S
2005Early socialization contexts and social experiences of infants in rural and urban Gujarat, IndiaAbels, M; Keller, H ; Mohite, P; Mankodi, H; Shastri, J; Bhargava, S; Jasrai, S; Lakhani, A
2005Ecocultural effects on early infant care: A study in Cameroon, India, and GermanyKeller, H ; Abels, M; Lamm, B; Yovsi, RD; Voelker, S; Lakhani, A
2004The psycho-linguistic embodiment of parental ethnotheories: A new avenue to understanding cultural processes in parental reasoningKeller, H ; Hentschel, E; Yovsi, RD; Lamm, B; Abels, M; Haas, V