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2018FIFO ATP synthase responds to glycolysis inhibition by localization into the inner boundary membraneK, Zalyevskiy; Hager, Frances; Richter, Christian; K, Psathaki; Appelhans, Timo; Busch, Karin B.
2018Microcompartmention of mitochondrial OXPHOS, resolved with superresolution microscopyBusch, Karin B.; Appelhans, Timo
2014Mitochondrial membrane proteins in motionBusch, Karin B.; Appelhans, Timo; Kohl, Wladislaw 
2018Multi-color Localization Microscopy of Single Membrane Proteins in Organelles of Live Mammalian CellsAppelhans, Timo; Beinlich, Felix R. M.; Richter, Christian P.; Kurre, Rainer ; Busch, Karin B.
2012Nanoscale Organization of Mitochondrial Microcompartments Revealed by Combining Tracking and Localization MicroscopyAppelhans, Timo; Richter, Christian P.; Wilkens, Verena; Hess, Samuel T.; Piehler, Jacob ; Busch, Karin B.