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2020A conserved and regulated mechanism drives endosomal Rab transitionLangemeyer, Lars; Borchers, Ann-Christin; Herrmann, Eric; Fuellbrunn, Nadia; Han, Yaping; Perz, Angela; Auffarth, Kathrin; Kuemmel, Daniel ; Ungermann, Christian 
2020AP-3 vesicle uncoating occurs after HOPS-dependent vacuole tetheringSchoppe, Jannis; Mari, Muriel; Yavavli, Erdal; Auffarth, Kathrin; Cabrera, Margarita; Walter, Stefan; Froehlich, Florian ; Ungermann, Christian 
2020Author response: A conserved and regulated mechanism drives endosomal Rab transitionLangemeyer, Lars; Borchers, Ann-Christin; Herrmann, Eric; Füllbrunn, Nadia; Han, Yaping; Perz, Angela; Auffarth, Kathrin; Kümmel, Daniel ; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Cellular Metabolism Regulates Contact Sites between Vacuoles and MitochondriaHoenscher, Canna; Mari, Muriel; Auffarth, Kathrin; Bohnert, Maria; Griffith, Janice; Geerts, Willie; van der Laan, Martin; Cabrera, Margarita; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2010Defined Subunit Arrangement and Rab Interactions Are Required for Functionality of the HOPS Tethering ComplexOstrowicz, Clemens W.; Broecker, Cornelia; Ahnert, Franziska; Nordmann, Mirjana; Lachmann, Jens; Peplowska, Karolina; Perz, Angela; Auffarth, Kathrin; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Ungermann, Christian 
2008Depalmitoylation of Ykt6 prevents its entry into the multivesicular body pathwayMeiringer, Christoph T. A.; Auffarth, Kathrin; Hou, Haitong; Ungermann, Christian 
2015Spatiotemporal dynamics of membrane remodeling and fusion proteins during endocytic transportArlt, Henning ; Auffarth, Kathrin; Kurre, Rainer ; Lisse, Dominik; Piehler, Jacob ; Ungermann, Christian 
2021Subunit exchange among endolysosomal tethering complexes is linked to contact site formation at the vacuoleMontoro, Ayelén González; Duarte, Prado Vargas; Auffarth, Kathrin; Walter, Stefan; Fröhlich, Florian ; Ungermann, Christian 
2023Targeting of the Mon1-Ccz1 Rab guanine nucleotide exchange factor to distinct organelles by a synergistic protein and lipid codeHerrmann, Eric; Langemeyer, Lars; Auffarth, Kathrin; Ungermann, Christian ; Kuemmel, Daniel 
2011The Dsl1 Protein Tethering Complex Is a Resident Endoplasmic Reticulum Complex, Which Interacts with Five Soluble NSF (N-Ethylmaleimide-sensitive Factor) Attachment Protein Receptors (SNAREs) IMPLICATIONS FOR FUSION AND FUSION REGULATIONMeiringer, Christoph T. A.; Rethmeier, Ralf; Auffarth, Kathrin; Wilson, Joshua; Perz, Angela; Barlowe, Charles; Schmitt, Hans Dieter; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Tracking of the dynamic localization of the Rab-specific HOPS subunits reveal their distinct interaction with Ypt7 and vacuoles.Auffarth, Kathrin; Arlt, Henning ; Lachmann, Jens; Cabrera, Margarita; Ungermann, Christian 
2018Vps39 Interacts with Tom40 to Establish One of Two Functionally Distinct Vacuole-Mitochondria Contact SitesMontoro, Ayelen Gonzalez; Auffarth, Kathrin; Hoenscher, Carina; Bohnert, Maria; Becker, Thomas; Warscheid, Bettina; Reggiori, Fulvio; van der Laan, Martin; Froehlich, Florian ; Ungermann, Christian