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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Acid survival of Helicobacter pylori: how does urease activity trigger cytoplasmic pH homeostasis?Stingl, K; Altendorf, K ; Bakker, EP
2000Acid tolerance of <i>Helicobacter pylori</i> at pH 1.Stingl, K; Uhlemann, E; Deckers-Hebestreit, G ; Schmid, R; Bakker, EP; Altendorf, K 
2000Acid tolerance of Helicobacter pylori at pH 1.Stingl, K; Uhlemann, E; Deckers-Hebestreit, G ; Schmid, R; Bakker, EP; Altendorf, K 
1997Acidostable and acidophilic proteins: The example of the alpha-amylase from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldariusMatzke, J; Schwermann, B; Bakker, EP
2005All four putative selectivity filter glycine residues in KtrB are essential for high affinity and selective K+ uptake by the KtrAB system from Vibrio alginolyticusTholema, N; Vor der Bruggen, M; Maser, P; Nakamura, T; Schroeder, JI; Kobayashi, H; Uozumi, N; Bakker, EP
1999Change to alanine of one out of four selectivity filter glycines in KtrB causes a two orders of magnitude decrease in the affinities for both K+ and Na+ of the Na+ dependent K+ uptake system KtrAB from Vibrio alginolyticusTholema, N; Bakker, EP; Suzuki, A; Nakamura, T
1998Cloning of the trkAH gene cluster and characterization of the Trk K+-uptake system of Vibrio alginolyticusNakamura, T; Yamamuro, N; Stumpe, S; Unemoto, T; Bakker, EP
2000Does the KdpA subunit from the high affinity K+-translocating P-type KDP-ATPase have a structure similar to that of K+ channels?Durell, SR; Bakker, EP; Guy, HR
2002Energetics of Helicobacter pylori and its implications for the mechanism of urease-dependent acid tolerance at pH 1Stingl, K; Uhlemann, EM; Schmid, R; Altendorf, K ; Bakker, EP
2001Evidence in support of a four transmembrane-pore-transmembrane topology model for the Arabidopsis thaliana Na+/K+ translocating AtHKT1 protein, a member of the superfamily of K+ transportersKato, Y; Sakaguchi, M; Mori, Y; Saito, K; Nakamura, T; Bakker, EP; Sato, Y; Goshima, S; Uozumi, N
1999Evolutionary relationship between K+ channels and symportersDurell, SR; Hao, YL; Nakamura, T; Bakker, EP; Guy, HR
2000Gene cloning, nucleotide sequence and biochemical properties of a cytoplasmic cyclomaltodextrinase (neopullulanase) from Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius, reclassification of a group of enzymesMatzke, J; Herrmann, A; Schneider, E ; Bakker, EP
2002Glycine residues in potassium channel-like selectivity filters determine potassium selectivity in four-loop-per-subunit HKT transporters from plantsMaser, P; Hosoo, Y; Goshima, S; Horie, T; Eckelman, B; Yamada, K; Yoshida, K; Bakker, EP; Shinmyo, A; Oiki, S; Schroeder, JI; Uozumi, N
1998Identification of OmpT as the protease that hydrolyzes the antimicrobial peptide protamine before it enters growing cells of Escherichia coliStumpe, S; Schmid, R; Stephens, DL; Georgiou, G; Bakker, EP
2001Identification of the ABC protein SapD as the subunit that confers ATP dependence to the K+-uptake systems Trk(H) and Trk(G) from Escherichia coli K-12Harms, C; Domoto, Y; Celik, C; Rahe, E; Stumpe, S; Schmid, R; Nakamura, T; Bakker, EP
2003KtrAB and KtrCD: Two K+ uptake systems in Bacillus subtilis and their role in adaptation to hypertonicityHoltmann, G; Bakker, EP; Uozumi, N; Bremer, E
1998KtrAB, a new type of bacterial K+-uptake system from Vibrio alginolyticusNakamura, T; Yuda, R; Unemoto, T; Bakker, EP
2004Na+-dependent K+ uptake ktr system from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 and its role in the early phases of cell adaptation to hyperosmotic shockMatsuda, N; Kobayashi, H; Katoh, H; Ogawa, T; Futatsugi, L; Nakamura, T; Bakker, EP; Uozumi, N
2001Prolonged survival and cytoplasmic pH homeostasis of Helicobacter pylori at pH 1Stingl, K; Uhlemann, EM; Deckers-Hebestreit, G ; Schmid, R; Bakker, EP; Altendorf, K 
1997Requirement of a large K+-uptake capacity and of extracytoplasmic protease activity for protamine resistance of Escherichia coliStumpe, S; Bakker, EP