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2009NHE8 is an intracellular cation/H+ exchanger in renal tubules of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegyptiPiermarini, Peter M.; Weihrauch, Dirk; Meyer, Heiko; Huss, Markus ; Beyenbach, Klaus W.
2013Protein kinase A-dependent and -independent activation of the V-ATPase in Malpighian tubules of Aedes aegyptiTiburcy, Felix ; Beyenbach, Klaus W.; Wieczorek, Helmut 
2020The septate junction protein Mesh is required for epithelial morphogenesis, ion transport, and paracellular permeability in the Drosophila Malpighian tubuleJonusaite, Sima; Beyenbach, Klaus W.; Meyer, Heiko; Paululat, Achim ; Izumi, Yasushi; Furuse, Mikio; Rodan, Aylin R.
2020The septate junction protein Tetraspanin 2A is critical to the structure and function of Malpighian tubules in Drosophila melanogasterBeyenbach, Klaus W.; Schoene, Frederike; Breitsprecher, Leonhard F.; Tiburcy, Felix ; Furuse, Mikio; Izumi, Yasushi; Meyer, Heiko; Jonusaite, Sima; Rodan, Aylin R.; Paululat, Achim 
2010The single kinin receptor signals to separate and independent physiological pathways in Malpighian tubules of the yellow fever mosquitoSchepel, Stephen A.; Fox, Andrew J.; Miyauchi, Jeremy T.; Sou, Tiffany; Yang, Jason D.; Lau, Kenneth; Blum, Austin W.; Nicholson, Linda K.; Tiburcy, Felix ; Nachman, Ronald J.; Piermarini, Peter M.; Beyenbach, Klaus W.
2009Vacuolar-type proton pumps in insect epitheliaWieczorek, Helmut ; Beyenbach, Klaus W.; Huss, Markus ; Vitavska, Olga 
2019Voltages and resistances of the anterior Malpighian tubule of Drosophila melanogasterBeyenbach, Klaus W.