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2002Chloroplast DNA variation and biogeography in the genus Rorippa Scop. (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Weber-Sparenberg, C; Hurka, H
2004Comparative ITS and AFLP analysis of diploid Cardamine (Brassicaceae) taxa from closely related polyploid complexesMarhold, K; Lihova, J; Perny, M; Bleeker, W
1999Evolution of hybrid taxa in Nasturtium R.Br. (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Huthmann, M; Hurka, H
2005Evolution of the trnF(GAA) gene in Arabidopsis relatives and the Brassicaceae family: Monophyletic origin and subsequent diversification of a plastidic pseudogeneKoch, MA; Dobes, C; Matschinger, M; Bleeker, W; Vogel, J; Kiefer, M; Mitchell-Olds, T
2004Genetic variation and self-incompatibility within and outside a Rorippa hybrid zone (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W
2005Hybrid zones between invasive Rorippa austriaca and native R-sylvestris (Brassicaceae) in Germany: ploidy levels and patterns of fitness in the fieldBleeker, W; Matthies, A
2003Hybridization and Rorippa austriaca (Brassicaceae) invasion in GermanyBleeker, W
2001Introgressive hybridization in Rorippa (Brassicaceae): gene flow and its consequences in natural and anthropogenic habitatsBleeker, W; Hurka, H
1998Molecular systematics of Cardamine and allied genera (Brassicaceae): Its and non-coding chloroplast DNAFranzke, A; Pollmann, K; Bleeker, W; Kohrt, R; Hurka, H
2002Phylogeny and biogeography of Southern Hemisphere high-mountain Cardamine species (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Franzke, A; Pollmann, K; Brown, AHD; Hurka, H