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2016Energy dynamics in the Heisenberg-Kitaev spin chainSteinigeweg, Robin ; Brenig, Wolfram
2016Heat Conductivity of the Heisenberg Spin-1/2 Ladder: From Weak to Strong Breaking of IntegrabilitySteinigeweg, Robin ; Herbrych, Jacek; Zotos, Xenophon; Brenig, Wolfram
2019Magnetization dynamics in clean and disordered spin-1 XXZ chainsRichter, Jonas; Casper, Niklas; Brenig, Wolfram; Steinigeweg, Robin 
2015Spin and energy currents in integrable and nonintegrable spin-1/2 chains: A typicality approach to real-time autocorrelationsSteinigeweg, Robin ; Gemmer, Jochen ; Brenig, Wolfram
2014Spin-Current Autocorrelations from Single Pure-State PropagationSteinigeweg, Robin ; Gemmer, Jochen ; Brenig, Wolfram
2016Typicality approach to the optical conductivity in thermal and many-body localized phasesSteinigeweg, Robin ; Herbrych, Jacek; Pollmann, Frank; Brenig, Wolfram