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2013Fe3O4 films on Ag(001)-Generation of high-quality epitaxial ferrimagnetic metal oxide filmsBruns, D.; Lindemann, S. R.; Kuepper, K.; Schemme, T. ; Wollschlaeger, J.
2010Improved epitaxy of ultrathin praseodymia films on chlorine passivated Si(111) reducing silicate interface formationGevers, S.; Flege, J. I.; Kaemena, B.; Bruns, D.; Weisemoeller, T.; Falta, J.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2011Post-deposition annealing of praseodymia films on Si(111) at low temperaturesGevers, S.; Weisemoeller, T.; Bruns, D.; Giussani, A.; Schroeder, T.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2014Structural analysis of FeO(111)/Ag(001): undulation of hexagonal oxide monolayers due to square lattice metal substratesBruns, D.; Kiesel, I.; Jentsch, S.; Lindemann, S.; Otte, C.; Schemme, T. ; Kuschel, T. ; Wollschlaeger, J.
2011Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy for thin Co films on glass studied by magnetooptic Kerr effectKuschel, T. ; Becker, T.; Bruns, D.; Suendorf, M.; Bertram, F. ; Fumagalli, P.; Wollschlaeger, J.