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2007A glucose kinase from Mycobacterium smegmatisPimentel-Schmitt, Elisangela F.; Thomae, Andreas W.; Amon, Johannes; Klieber, Michael A.; Roth, Heide-Marie; Muller, Yves A.; Jahreis, Knut; Burkovski, Andreas; Titgemeyer, Fritz
2010Corynebacterium diphtheriae invasion-associated protein (DIP1281) is involved in cell surface organization, adhesion and internalization in epithelial cellsOtt, Lisa; Hoeller, Martina; Gerlach, Roman G.; Hensel, Michael ; Rheinlaender, Johannes; Schaeffer, Tilman E.; Burkovski, Andreas
2009Identification of a Glucose Permease from Mycobacterium smegmatis mc(2) 155Pimentel-Schmitt, Elisngela F.; Jahreis, Knut; Eddy, Mike P.; Amon, Johannes; Burkovski, Andreas; Titgemeyer, Fritz
2000Response to nitrogen starvation in<i>Corynebacterium glutamicum</i>Schmid, Roland M.; Uhlemann, Eva-Maria; Nolden, Lars; Wersch, Gregor; Hecker, Rolf; Hermann, Thomas; Marx, Achim; Burkovski, Andreas
2010Strain-specific differences in pili formation and the interaction of Corynebacterium diphtheriae with host cellsOtt, Lisa; Hoeller, Martina; Rheinlaender, Johannes; Schaeffer, Tilman E.; Hensel, Michael ; Burkovski, Andreas
1993Studies on the formation of hybrid Fo complexes derived from ATP synthase subunits of Escherichia coli and Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) chloroplastsBurkovski, Andreas