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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012ABSTRACTKärtner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita; Yovsi, Relindis D.
2018Bringing the Real World Into Developmental Science: A Commentary on Weber, Fernald, and Diop (2017)Morelli, Gilda; Bard, Kim; Chaudhary, Nandita; Gottlieb, Alma; Keller, Heidi; Murray, Marjorie; Quinn, Naomi; Rosabal-Coto, Mariano; Scheidecker, Gabriel; Takada, Akira; Vicedo, Marga
2010Cognitive and Social Influences on Early Prosocial Behavior in Two Sociocultural ContextsKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita
2010Continuity in Parenting Strategies: A Cross-Cultural ComparisonKeller, Heidi; Borke, Joern; Chaudhary, Nandita; Lamm, Bettina; Kleis, Astrid
2009Distal and proximal parenting as alternative parenting strategies during infants' early months of life: A cross-cultural studyKeller, Heidi; Borke, Joern; Staufenbiel, Thomas ; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Abels, Monika; Papaligoura, Zaira; Jensen, Henning; Lohaus, Arnold; Chaudhary, Nandita; Lo, Wingshan; Su, Yanjie
2013Early Reminiscing in Cultural Contexts: Cultural Models, Maternal Reminiscing Styles, and Children's MemoriesSchroeder, Lisa; Keller, Heidi; Kaertner, Joscha; Kleis, Astrid; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita; Jensen, Henning; Papaligoura, Zaira
2023Ending epistemic exclusion: toward a truly global science and practice of early childhood developmentScheidecker, Gabriel; Tekola, Bethlehem; Rasheed, Muneera; Oppong, Seth; Mezzenzana, Francesca; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita
2018Ethical Challenges of Parenting Interventions in Low- to Middle-Income CountriesMorelli, Gilda; Quinn, Naomi; Chaudhary, Nandita; Vicedo, Marga; Rosabal-Coto, Mariano; Keller, Heidi; Murray, Marjorie; Gottlieb, Alma; Scheidecker, Gabriel; Takada, Akira
2023Feeding, Bonding, and the Formation of Social RelationshipsFunk, Leberecht; Scheidecker, Gabriel; Chapin, Bambi; Schmidt, Wiebke Johanna; Ouardani, Christine El; Chaudhary, Nandita
2008Grandmaternal and maternal ethnotheories about early child careLamm, Bettina; Keller, Heidi; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita
2021How overstated scientific claims undermine ethical principles in parenting interventionsScheidecker, Gabriel; Oppong, Seth; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2007Manifestations of autonomy and relatedness in mothers' accounts of their ethnotheories regarding child care across five cultural communitiesKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Lamm, Bettina; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita
2011Memories of Me: Comparisons from Osnabrueck (Germany) and Delhi (India) Students and Their MothersDemuth, Carolin; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2023Parents, Caregivers, and Peers Patterns of Complementarity in the Social World of Children in Rural MadagascarScheidecker, Gabriel H.; Boyette, Adam; Chaudhary, Nandita; Fay, Franziska; Keller, Heidi; Lancy, David; Mezzenzana, Francesca; Ng'asike, John Teria; Oppong, Seth; Serpell, Robert; Spray, Julie; Takada, Akira S.; Weisner, Thomas
2023“Poor brain development” in the global South? Challenging the science of early childhood interventionsScheidecker, Gabriel; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi; Mezzenzana, Francesca; Lancy, David F.
2016Reactions to Receiving a Gift-Maternal Scaffolding and Cultural Learning in Berlin and DelhiKaertner, Joscha; Crafa, Daina; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2008Similarities and differences in contingency experiences of 3-month-olds across sociocultural contextsKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Lamm, Bettina; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita; Sue, Yanjie
2012Sticking out and fitting in: Culture-specific predictors of 3-year-olds' autobiographical memories during joint reminiscingSchroeder, Lisa; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita
2008The development of facial expressions of emotion in Indian culture [meeting abstract]Agrawal, Priyanka; Nair, Rukmini Bhaya; Narasimhan, Bhuvana; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2012The Development of Mirror Self-Recognition in Different Sociocultural ContextsKärtner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita; Yovsi, Relindis D.