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2015Rupture of Stochastically Occurring Vesicle Clusters Limits Bilayer Formation on Alkane-PEG-Type Supports: Uncoupling Clustering from Surface CoveragePeel, Matthew J.; Cross, Stephen J.; Birkholz, Oliver; Aladag, Amine; Piehler, Jacob ; Peel, Suman
2015Supramolecular assemblies underpin turnover of outer membrane proteins in bacteriaRassam, Patrice; Copeland, Nikki A.; Birkholz, Oliver; Toth, Csaba; Chavent, Matthieu; Duncan, Anna L.; Cross, Stephen J.; Housden, Nicholas G.; Kaminska, Renata; Seger, Urban; Quinn, Diana M.; Garrod, Tamsin J.; Sansom, Mark S. P.; Piehler, Jacob ; Baumann, Christoph G.; Kleanthous, Colin