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2000Epitaxial cobalt films on W(110) - an experimental and theoretical photoemission study with polarized synchrotron radiationBansmann, J; Lu, L; Getzlaff, M; Fluchtmann, M; Braun, J
1998Magnetic linear dichroism in valence band photoemission - a technique to study electronic and magnetic propertiesBansmann, J; Lu, L; Getzlaff, M; Fluchtmann, M; Braun, J; Meiwes-Broer, KH
1999Momentum matrix elements for angle-resolved UV-photoemission from Cu(111): comparison of experimental data and results from one-step calculationsMatzdorf, R; Gerlach, A; Goldmann, A; Fluchtmann, M; Braun, J
1998Relativistic full-potential photoemission for Cu(111)Fluchtmann, M; Kellen, SBD; Braun, J; Borstel, G
1999Relativistic full-potential photoemission for GaAs(110)Fluchtmann, M; der Kellen, SB; Braun, J; Borstel, G
1998Valence band photoemission from thin iron films - a comparison of experimental and theoretical resultsBansmann, J; Getzlaff, M; Schonhense, G; Fluchtmann, M; Braun, J