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2002A chimeric Anabaena/Escherichia coli KdpD protein (Anacoli KdpD) functionally interacts with E-coli KdpE and activates kdp expression in E-coliBallal, A; Heermann, R; Jung, K; Gassel, M; Apte, SK; Altendorf, K 
2001Analysis of KdpC of the K+-transporting KdpFABC complex of Escherichia coliGassel, M; Altendorf, K 
1998Assembly of the Kdp complex, the multi-subunit K+-transport ATPase of Escherichia coliGassel, M; Siebers, A; Epstein, W; Altendorf, K 
2002Characterization of amino acid substitutions in KdpA, the K+-binding and -translocating subunit of the KdpFABC complex of Escherichia colivan der Laan, M; Gassel, M; Altendorf, K 
2002Concanamycin a, the specific inhibitor of V-ATPases, binds to the V-o subunit cHuss, M ; Ingenhorst, G; Konig, S; Gassel, M; Drose, S; Zeeck, A; Altendorf, K ; Wieczorek, H 
2004FITC binding site and p-nitrophenyl phosphatase activity of the Kdp-ATPase of Escherichia coliBramkamp, M; Gassel, M; Altendorf, K 
2000Replacement of glycine 232 by aspartic acid in the KdpA subunit broadens the ion specificity of the K+-translocating KdpFABC complexSchrader, M; Fendler, K; Bamberg, E; Gassel, M; Epstein, W; Altendorf, K ; Drose, S
2001Semisynthetic derivatives of concanamycin A and C, as inhibitors of V- and P-type ATPases: Structure-activity investigations and developments of photoaffinity probesDrose, S; Boddien, C; Gassel, M; Ingenhorst, G; Zeeck, A; Altendorf, K 
1998Structure and function of the Kdp-ATPase of <i>Escherichia coli</i>Altendorf, K ; Gassel, M; Puppe, W; Möllenkamp, T; Zeeck, A; Boddien, C; Fendler, K; Bamberg, E; Dröse, S
1998Structure and function of the Kdp-ATPase of Escherichia coliAltendorf, K ; Gassel, M; Puppe, W; Mollenkamp, T; Zeeck, A; Boddien, C; Fendler, K; Bamberg, E; Drose, S
2001Synthesis of a doubly labelled concanamycin derivative for ATPase binding studiesIngenhorst, G; Bindseil, KU; Boddien, C; Drose, S; Gassel, M; Altendorf, K ; Zeeck, A
1999The KdpF subunit is part of the K+-translocating Kdp complex of Escherichia coli and is responsible for stabilization of the complex in vitroGassel, M; Mollenkamp, T; Puppe, W; Altendorf, K 
2003The Methanocaldococcus jannaschii protein Mj0968 is not a P-type ATPaseBramkamp, M; Gassel, M; Herkenhoff-Hesselmann, B; Bertrand, J; Altendorf, K