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2014Cellular Metabolism Regulates Contact Sites between Vacuoles and MitochondriaHoenscher, Canna; Mari, Muriel; Auffarth, Kathrin; Bohnert, Maria; Griffith, Janice; Geerts, Willie; van der Laan, Martin; Cabrera, Margarita; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2013Functional Separation of Endosomal Fusion Factors and the Class C Core Vacuole/Endosome Tethering (CORVET) Complex in Endosome BiogenesisCabrera, Margarita; Arlt, Henning ; Epp, Nadine; Lachmann, Jens; Griffith, Janice; Perz, Angela; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2010Phosphorylation of a membrane curvature-sensing motif switches function of the HOPS subunit Vps41 in membrane tetheringCabrera, Margarita; Langemeyer, Lars; Mari, Muriel; Rethmeier, Ralf; Orban, Ioan; Perz, Angela; Brocker, Cornelia; Griffith, Janice; Klose, Daniel ; Steinhoff, Heinz Jurgen ; Reggiori, Fulvio; Vandre, Siegfried Engelbrecht; Ungermann, Christian 
2009The CORVET Subunit Vps8 Cooperates with the Rab5 Homolog Vps21 to Induce Clustering of Late Endosomal CompartmentsMarkgraf, Daniel F.; Ahnert, Franziska; Arlt, Henning ; Mari, Muriel; Peplowska, Karolina; Epp, Nadine; Griffith, Janice; Reggiori, Fulvio; Ungermann, Christian 
2015The I-BAR protein Ivy1 is an effector of the Rab7 GTPase Ypt7 involved in vacuole membrane homeostasisNumrich, Johannes; Peli-Gulli, Marie-Pierre; Arlt, Henning ; Sardu, Alessandro; Griffith, Janice; Levine, Tim; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Reggiori, Fulvio; De Virgilio, Claudio; Ungermann, Christian