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2022The HOPS tethering complex is required to maintain signaling endosome identity and TORC1 activityGao, Jieqiong; Nicastro, Raffaele; Peli-Gulli, Marie-Pierre; Grziwa, Sophie; Chen, Zilei; Kurre, Rainer ; Piehler, Jacob ; De Virgilio, Claudio; Froehlich, Florian ; Ungermann, Christian 
2023Yck3 casein kinase-mediated phosphorylation determines Ivy1 localization and function at endosomes and the vacuoleGrziwa, Sophie; Schafer, Jan-Hannes; Nicastro, Raffaele; Arens, Annabel; Virgilio, Claudio De; Fröhlich, Florian ; Moeller, Arne ; Gao, Jieqiong; Langemeyer, Lars; Ungermann, Christian