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2007A brief review of holopelagic annelidsHalanych, Kenneth M.; Cox, L. Nicole; Struck, Torsten H.
2012Adaptive radiation in extremophilic Dorvilleidae (Annelida): diversification of a single colonizer or multiple independent lineages?Thornhill, Daniel J.; Struck, Torsten H.; Ebbe, Brigitte; Lee, Raymond W.; Mendoza, Guillermo F.; Levin, Lisa A.; Halanych, Kenneth M.
2007Annelid phylogeny and the status of Sipuncula and EchiuraStruck, Torsten H.; Schult, Nancy; Kusen, Tiffany; Hickman, Emily; Bleidorn, Christoph; McHugh, Damhnait; Halanych, Kenneth M.
2008Detecting possibly saturated positions in 18S and 28S sequences and their influence on phylogenetic reconstruction of Annelida (Lophotrochozoa)Struck, Torsten H.; Nesnidal, Maximilian P.; Purschke, Guenter ; Halanych, Kenneth M.
2011Detecting the symplesiomorphy trap: a multigene phylogenetic analysis of terebelliform annelidsZhong, Min; Hansen, Benjamin; Nesnidal, Maximilian; Golombek, Anja; Halanych, Kenneth M.; Struck, Torsten H.
2014Illuminating the Base of the Annelid Tree Using TranscriptomicsWeigert, Anne; Helm, Conrad; Meyer, Matthias; Nickel, Birgit; Arendt, Detlev; Hausdorf, Bernhard; Santos, Scott R.; Halanych, Kenneth M.; Purschke, Guenter ; Bleidorn, Christoph; Struck, Torsten H.
2010Origins of holopelagic Typhloscolecidae and Lopadorhynchidae within Phyllodocidae (Phyllodocida, Annelida)Struck, Torsten H.; Halanych, Kenneth M.
2008Phylogenetic information from three mitochondrial genomes of Terebelliformia (Annelida) worms and duplication of the methionine tRNAZhong, Min; Struck, Torsten H.; Halanych, Kenneth M.
2010Phylogeny of the bristle worm family Eunicidae (Eunicida, Annelida) and the phylogenetic utility of noncongruent 16S, COI and 18S in combined analysesZanol, Joana; Halanych, Kenneth M.; Struck, Torsten H.; Fauchald, Kristian