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2015An algorithmic framework for labeling network mapsHaunert, J.-H.; Niedermann, B.
2016Continuous generalization of administrative boundaries based on compatible triangulationsPeng, D.; Wolff, A.; Haunert, J.-H.
2014How to eat a graph: Computing selection sequences for the continuous generalization of road networksChimani, M. ; Van Dijk, T.C.; Haunert, J.-H.
2014Labeling circular focus regions based on a tractable case of maximum weight independent set of rectanglesHaunert, J.-H.; Hermes, T.
2015Labeling streets along a route in interactive 3d maps using billboardsSchwartges, N.; Morgan, B.; Haunert, J.-H.; Wolff, A.
2014Labeling streets in interactive maps using embedded labelsSchwartges, N.; Wolff, A.; Haunert, J.-H.
2014Map schematization with circular arcsvan Dijk, T.C.; van Goethem, A.; Haunert, J.-H.; Meulemans, W.; Speckmann, B.
2015Multirow boundary-labeling algorithms for panorama imagesGemsa, A.; Haunert, J.-H.; Nöllenburg, M.
2016Partitioning polygons via graph augmentationHaunert, J.-H.; Meulemans, W.
2014Point labeling with sliding labels in interactive mapsSchwartges, N.; Haunert, J.-H.; Wolff, A.; Zwiebler, D.