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Chimani, Markus
Chimani, M
Chimani, Markus
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12013The Open Graph Drawing FrameworkChimani, Markus ; Gutwenger, Carsten; Jünger, Michael; Klau, Gunnar W.; Klein, Karsten; Mutzel, Petra
22013Multi-level verticality optimization:Concept, strategies, and drawing schemeChimani, M. ; Hungerländer, P.
32013Upward planarity testing: A computational studyChimani, M. ; Zeranski, R.
42014How to eat a graph: Computing selection sequences for the continuous generalization of road networksChimani, M. ; Van Dijk, T.C.; Haunert, J.-H.
52014People prefer less stress and fewer crossingsChimani, M. ; Eades, P.; Hong, S.-H.; Huang, W.; Klein, K.; Marner, M.; Smith, R.T.; Thomas, B.H.
62014Advances on testing c-planarity of embedded flat clustered graphsChimani, M. ; Di Battista, G.; Frati, F.; Klein, K.
72014COMPUTING THE STRETCH OF AN EMBEDDED GRAPHCabello, Sergio; Chimani, Markus ; Hlineny, Petr
82014An exact approach to upward crossing minimizationChimani, M. ; Zeranski, R.
92014Steiner tree 1.39-approximation in practiceBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. 
102014People Prefer Less Stress and Fewer CrossingsChimani, Markus ; Eades, Patrick; Eades, Peter; Hong, Seok-Hee; Huang, Weidong; Klein, Karsten; Marner, Michael R.; Smith, Ross T.; Thomas, Bruce H.
112014Network Design Problems with Bounded Distances via Shallow-Light Steiner TreesChimani, Markus ; Spoerhase, Joachim
122014Strong Steiner Tree Approximations in PracticeBeyer, Stephan; Chimani, Markus 
132015Inserting Multiple Edges into a Planar GraphChimani, Markus ; Hliněný, Petr
1420152-layer fan-planarity: From caterpillar to stegosaurusBinucci, C.; Chimani, M. ; Didimo, W.; Gronemann, M.; Klein, K.; Kratochvìl, J.; Montecchiani, F.; Tollis, I.G.
152015Speedy colorful subtreesWhite, W.T.J.; Beyer, S.; Dührkop, K.; Chimani, M. ; Böcker, S.
162015The influence of preprocessing on steiner tree approximationsBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. 
172015Algorithms for the hypergraph and the minor crossing number problemsChimani, M. ; Gutwenger, C.
182015Upward planarity testing in practice: SAT formulations and comparative studyChimani, M. ; Zeranski, R.
192015Network design problems with bounded distances via shallow-light steiner treesChimani, M. ; Spoerhase, J.
202016A practical method for the minimum genus of a graph: Models and experimentsBeyer, S.; Chimani, M. ; Hedtke, I.; Kotrbčík, M.