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2013Assembly of IFNAR1/IFNAR2 is regulated by ubiquitin specific protease 18Wilmes, Stephan; Li, Zhi; Hoette, Katharina; Beutel, Oliver; Kroll, Cindy; Roder, Friedrich; Hanhart, Patrizia; Janning, Dennis; You, Changjiang ; Richter, Christian Paolo; Francois-Newton, Veronique; Uze, Gilles; Pellegrini, Sandra; Piehler, Jacob 
2015Receptor dimerization dynamics as a regulatory valve for plasticity of type I interferon signalingWilmes, Stephan; Beutel, Oliver; Li, Zhi; Francois-Newton, Veronique; Richter, Christian P.; Janning, Dennis; Kroll, Cindy; Hanhart, Patrizia; Hoette, Katharina; You, Changjiang ; Uze, Gilles; Pellegrini, Sandra; Piehler, Jacob