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2023Different environmental conditions in lowlands and uplands highlight challenges for butterfly conservation in Central EuropeLoeffler, Franz; Grueneberg, Christoph; Drung, Marco; Freienstein, Felix Maximilian; Helbing, Felix; Holtmann, Lisa; Kaempfer, Steffen; Kettermann, Marcel; Muensch, Thorsten; Poniatowski, Dominik; Streitberger, Merle; Stuhldreher, Gregor; Fartmann, Thomas 
2017Effects of habitat and landscape quality on amphibian assemblages of urban stormwater pondsHoltmann, Lisa; Philipp, Katharina; Becke, Corinna; Fartmann, Thomas 
2022Effects of land-use and climate change on grasshopper assemblages differ between protected and unprotected grasslandsFartmann, Thomas ; Poniatowski, Dominik; Holtmann, Lisa
2021Effects of montane heathland rejuvenation on phytodiversity depend on management intensity and successionStreitberger, Merle; Holtmann, Lisa; Bueltmann, Helga; Schmidt, Carsten; Fartmann, Thomas 
2021Habitat availability and climate warming drive changes in the distribution of grassland grasshoppersFartmann, Thomas ; Poniatowski, Dominik; Holtmann, Lisa
2019Habitat heterogeneity determines plant species richness in urban stormwater pondsHoltmann, Lisa; Kerler, Kristel; Wolfgart, Lea; Schmidt, Carsten; Fartmann, Thomas 
2019Odonate assemblages of urban stormwater ponds: the conservation value depends on pond typeHoltmann, Lisa; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Juchem, Marvin; Fartmann, Thomas 
2021Restoration of montane heathlands-Early- and mid-successional stages promote phytodiversityStreitberger, Merle; Holtmann, Lisa; Bueltmann, Helga; Schmidt, Carsten; Fartmann, Thomas 
2018Stormwater ponds as biodiversity hotspots in urban areasHoltmann, Lisa
2018Stormwater ponds promote dragonfly (Odonata) species richness and density in urban areasHoltmann, Lisa; Juchem, Marvin; Brueggeshemke, Jonas; Moehlmeyer, Antje; Fartmann, Thomas