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2023Individual Foot Protection Consultation (IFB) for Patients with Occupational DermatosesHuebner, Anja; John, Swen Malte ; Wilke, Annika; Brans, Richard 
2018Interdisciplinary and multiprofessional outpatient secondary individual prevention of work-related skin diseases in the metalworking industry: 1-year follow-up of a patient cohortWilke, Annika; Gediga, Guenther; Goergens, Andreas; Hansen, Andreas; Huebner, Anja; John, Swen Malte ; Nordheider, Kathrin; Rocholl, Marc; Weddeling, Sabine; Wulfhorst, Britta; Nashan, Dorothee
2015Prevalence of foot eczema and associated occupational and non-occupational factors in patients with hand eczemaBrans, Richard ; Huebner, Anja; Gediga, Guenther; John, Swen M. 
2023Programme for prevention of foot dermatoses in patients with work-related skin diseases: Baseline data and first results of a prospective cohort study (OCCUPES)Brans, Richard ; John, Swen Malte ; Wilke, Annika; Huebner, Anja
2018Skin Protection Seminars to Prevent Occupational Skin Diseases: Results of a Prospective Longitudinal Study in Apprentices of High-risk ProfessionsWilke, Annika; Brans, Richard ; Nordheider, Kathrin; Braumann, Antje; Huebner, Anja; Sonsmann, Flora K.; John, Swen M. ; Wulfhorst, Britta
2016Survey of sensitizing components of oxidative hair dyes (retail and professional products) in GermanyKirchlechner, Stephan; Huebner, Anja; Uter, Wolfgang