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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Chloroplast DNA restriction site variation and RAPD-analyses in Cochlearia (Brassicaceae): Biosystematics and speciationKoch, M; Hurka, H; Mummenhoff, K 
2002Chloroplast DNA variation and biogeography in the genus Rorippa Scop. (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Weber-Sparenberg, C; Hurka, H
1999Colonization history and introduction dynamics of Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae) in North America: isozymes and quantitative traitsNeuffer, B ; Hurka, H
1999Evolution of hybrid taxa in Nasturtium R.Br. (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Huthmann, M; Hurka, H
2002Evolutionary history of the polyploid complex of Cardamine amara (Brassicaceae): isozyme evidenceMarhold, K; Huthmann, M; Hurka, H
1997Evolutionary processes in the genus Capsella (Brassicaceae)Hurka, H; Neuffer, B 
2004Extent and structure of genetic variation in two colonising Diplotaxis species (Brassicaceae) with contrasting breeding systemsEschmann-Grupe, G; Neuffer, B ; Hurka, H
1997Hybridization and evolution in Cardamine (Brassicaceae) at Urnerboden, central Switzerland: Biosystematic and molecular evidenceUrbanska, KM; Hurka, H; Landolt, E; Neuffer, B ; Mummenhoff, K 
2001Introgressive hybridization in Rorippa (Brassicaceae): gene flow and its consequences in natural and anthropogenic habitatsBleeker, W; Hurka, H
1999Isozyme analysis in the polylploid complex Microthlaspi perfoliatum (L.) F. K. MEYER: Morphology, biogeography and evolutionary historyKoch, M; Hurka, H
1998Isozymes, speciation and evolution in the polyploid complex Cochlearia L. (Brassicaceae)Koch, M; Huthmann, M; Hurka, H
1998Molecular biogeography and evolution of the Microthlaspi perfoliatum sl polyploid complex (Brassicaceae): chloroplast DNA and nuclear ribosomal DNA restriction site variationKoch, M; Mummenhoff, K ; Hurka, H
1999Molecular phylogenetics of Cochlearia (Brassicaceae) and allied genera based on nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA sequence analysis contradict traditional concepts of their evolutionary relationshipKoch, M; Mummenhoff, K ; Hurka, H
2004Molecular signals for Late Tertiary Early Quaternary range splits of an Eurasian steppe plant: Clausia aprica (Brassicaceae)Franzke, A; Hurka, H; Janssen, D; Neuffer, B ; Friesen, N ; Markov, M; Mummenhoff, K 
2000Molecular systematics and biogeography of the Cardamine pratensis complex (Brassicaceae)Franzke, A; Hurka, H
1998Molecular systematics of Cardamine and allied genera (Brassicaceae): Its and non-coding chloroplast DNAFranzke, A; Pollmann, K; Bleeker, W; Kohrt, R; Hurka, H
1999Phylogenetic relationships in tribe Lepidieae (Brassicaceae) based on chloroplast DNA restriction site variationZunk, K; Mummenhoff, K ; Hurka, H
2003Phylogenetic relationships of non-mitochondrial nucleotide transport proteins in bacteria and eukaryotesLinka, N; Hurka, H; Lang, BF; Burger, G; Winkler, HH; Stamme, C; Urbany, C; Seil, I; Kusch, J; Neuhaus, HE
1996Phylogenetic relationships of Thlaspi sl (subtribe Thlaspidinae, Lepidieae) and allied genera based on chloroplast DNA restriction-site variationZunk, K; Mummenhoff, K ; Koch, M; Hurka, H
2002Phylogeny and biogeography of Southern Hemisphere high-mountain Cardamine species (Brassicaceae)Bleeker, W; Franzke, A; Pollmann, K; Brown, AHD; Hurka, H